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🌍✨Introducing this handmade Solid Copper Twist Bracelet, from Ghana, Africa. Crafted with care and precision, this bracelet features a unique twist design in solid copper. 💫💍


Copper is known for its healing properties, including reducing inflammation and promoting healthy circulation. Copper has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to help with a variety of conditions, including arthritis pain, inflammation, and circulation issues. Copper is known for the following:


  • Natural Antimicrobial and Antibacterial, it has an inherent ability to kill harmful microbes very quickly, studies have shown that it is often within 2 hours or less.


  • Essential mineral required for metabolic function. It's known to help reduce inflammation, arthritis, headaches, and improve digestions. It helps bring the the body back into alignment.


  • Amplifies energy, it is an excellent conductor and helps stimulate the flow energy. It can be used to strengthen the energy of your thoughts and stones as well as help with channeling and multidimensional communication. It keeps the body in a stable state which helps achieve better results in meditation and yoga practice.


  •  Creates balance in the body. Metaphysically, it is known to assist in balancing the chakras and meridians. It helps bring in higher energies that will allow the cells to remember their original state of perfection.


Embrace the beauty and power of African craftsmanship with this exquisite piece. Order yours today! 🛍️💝


Music Credit: Find Your Way Beat by Nana Kwabena

Solid Copper Twist Bracelet

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Metal: Solid Copper

    Weight: Approximately 0.018 lb(s)

    Measurements: 8”

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